Events & Tastings

2019 Event & Tastings ! 


  1. Thurs. 7th March 2019

A Golden Taste of Italy


  1. Thurs. 28th MARCH 2019

A Taste of Europe


  1. Wed. 24th April 2019

‘A Taste of Australia’ Winter Warming Reds


  1. Wed. 8th MAY 2019

A Taste of France’ Winter Warming Reds


  1. Thurs. 30th MAY 2019

‘Ultimate Cheese & Wine Master-Match Event’


  1. Thurs.13th JUNE 2019

‘A Taste of Italy’ Winter Warming Reds


  1. Thurs. 27th JUNE 2019

The French Wine & Cheese Master-class


  1. Thurs. 11th JULY 2019

‘A Vino & Pizza Master-match Event’


  1. Thurs. 25th JULY 2019

Italy’s 1er Grand Wines Event


  1. Thurs. 8th AUGUST 2019

The Steak & Wine Oz – Italy Super Matches


  1. Thurs. 22nd AUGUST 2019

The Australia versus Europe Wine Challenge


  1. Thurs. 5th SEPTEMBER 2019

The Grilled Seafood & Wine Super Matches


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Private, Personalised & Corporate Wine Tastings


Anthony Nania is a wine expert who regularly conducts a variety of corporate and private themed tasting events, either at Vinorium or a venue of your choice.  Anthony can personalise a wine tasting event for you, including Christmas parties; Educational team building wine tastings, Learning how to order wine when dining out; Learning how to match food & wine for maximum enjoyment.


Some of the 30 themes on offer include:

  1. Two Top Regions (country of your choice)
  2. Old World versus New World
  3. Cheese & Wine Master-matching
  4. Dinner Party Themes (various)
  5. Italian Grand Tour
  6. French Grand Tour.


For information on how we can create a packaged option to suit your budget, or to book a corporate or private Master-Class event or Christmas Party, contact Call us today 9188 4255 or email